Attract Home Buyers with Green Renovations

According to a recent Green Building Council study, 70% of home buyers are more inclined to purchase a green home than a ‘conventional’ home during a down housing market. Green renovations can include new windows, insulation or roofing, as well as smaller and less expensive options discussed below.

All of these upgrades can greatly reduce a homes energy bills, as well as help sell a house that has been sitting on the market for some time, thanks to its environmentally friendly features. Here are 3 simple and cost-effective tips that may help get your home sold and will definitely help your energy bills:

1. Consider appliances that use less water and electricity. Many companies sell appliances like washing machines and dishwashers that use 10-15% less energy and water than standard models.

2. Change heavily used lights with energy-efficient models. According to the U.S. Department of Energy EnergyStar program, if every American home replaced its 5 most frequently-used light fixtures, such as the kitchen ceiling lamps, outdoor lamps or the living room lamps, with fixtures that have earned the EnergyStar, almost $8 billion would be saved each year in energy costs and greenhouse gasses reduced at the rate of almost 10 million cars. A 60W bulb only uses about 13W of energy and they last longer than regular bulbs.

3. Keep inside air from escaping. Seals around windows and doors can break or be damaged over time and need to be replaced. Depending on the severity of the damage, resealing your doors and windows can be a simple project for any homeowner to do themselves.